Pregnancy Affiliate Program

At Calm Pregnancy, we know that the journey to parenthood is not an easy one. Mental health can make or break your chance at motherhood; it’s no accident our app has helped countless expecting mothers find peace and tranquility in their minds before taking on new roles as wife & mom! With over 100 meditations designed especially for expectant parents like yourself looking towards better sleep habits during pregnancy (and beyond), caring partners by their side through all stages of life change - including fertility treatments if needed- there really isn't anything this community cannot help you achieve together with just one tap away

We'd like you to become our affiliate partner and earn money off of our pregnancy course. As a commission from sales made through an affiliate link, you will earn 50% of any sale. Payments received via associate partners are tracked using cookies and affiliate links.

We need your assistance in reaching as many pregnant women as possible so they might feel calmer and at ease during their pregnancy, so everyone can benefit.

How much can I earn?

You may earn up to 50% of any sale depending on your affiliate level. The figures may vary depending on current special offers, currency conversion rates, and PayPal fees. Also, please note that if the buyer is from the European Union, VAT (Value Added Tax) will be deducted from each sale in this region.

Here's an example of how affiliate revenue is calculated:

You have a pregnancy-related blog/website / Youtube channel/podcast, etc, with let's say 10.000 visitors per month. If your conversion rate is 3% :

10.000 * 3 % = 300 sales

300 sales * 39.99$ = 11.997$

Your REVENUE = 11.997$ / 2 = 5998.50$

Become A Calm Pregnancy® Ambassador

If you want to help families create a more positive, fulfilling birth experience and have an interest in learning about the world’s most comprehensive and effective program then consider applying as one of our ambassadors! 


Our program is supported globally by mums and practitioners in numerous fields like:

  • GP’s, OB/GYN’s & professionals that works with pregnant women
  • Midwives and doulas looking for additional tools to assist clients
  • Acupuncturists specializing in pregnancy and maternity care
  • Yoga, Pilates & fitness instructors help pregnant women prepare for birth
  • Chiropractors & physical therapists align women through their pregnancy
  • Lactation consultants assist new mothers to bring ease and peace
  • Nutritionists & naturopaths supporting pregnant women looking with diet & supplements
  • Therapists & coaches working with mamas-to-be who desire more confidence and ease
  • Maternity stores looking for unique pregnancy gifts
  • Pregnancy, maternity blogs & health websites wanting to promote an amazing birth-prep tool
  • Mums who have used and loved the program that wants to share the love

More Benefits of an Affiliate


  • Help others have a better birth experience

  • 50% discount to share with your community

  • 50% remuneration commission paid quarterly direct payment

  • Gain access to great marketing materials (print and online) to boost your affiliate sales

  • Be connected with other like-minded birth professionals

What is the minimum amount of revenue required to receive a payout?

There is no minimum payment requirement for this program, as there is with other affiliate networks. All accounts will be paid within two weeks of the previous month.

For example, any commissions earned in January will be paid by the 15th of February.

You will never have to wait for a check to arrive since all commission payments are immediately paid out into your PayPal account in US dollars. We may also take other forms of payment under particular circumstances.

How will I know if I've made a sale?

You'll get your own affiliate panel once you've joined up as an affiliate. You can check out your sales log inside. You'll also receive an email when a purchase is made using one of your links.

How to apply and how long does it take to get accepted?

How to apply and how long does it take to get accepted?

You should send your application to [email protected] where you should include your site/Youtube channel or the place you are looking to promote Calm Pregnancy. If your site is adequate to our affiliate program, we will accept your application within 3 working days.

What makes a good Pregnancy Affiliate?

Trust.Credibility.Enthusiasm .Accessibility - Women are the go-to in their circles for wisdom around self care, mindfulness and meditation during pregnancy. We're looking to build a small but mighty roster of Calm Pregnancy Affiliates! This is an opportunity that new influencers or more experienced ones can take advantage off by stepping into this space they're passionate about with our help.